LED White Corn Light

This LED White Corn Light has a 360 degree light angle with a high CRI of 90. This light is heat dissipating and IP64 waterproof rated. Direct replacement with for a metal halide. Easy installation.

Round Canopy Led Fixture

Sealed die-casting profile for indoor and outdoor applications. Voltage is 120-277V & 347V. Lumen output from 3400-6100lm with efficacy up to 117lm/W. Optional clear lens or frosted lens as per applications. Increase energy savings with bi-level PIR sensor.

2” LED Recessed Cans

LED can and module for both remodel and new construction applications provides up to 75% energy savings compared to incandescent lighting fixtures with just 9 watts of energy consumption. The high-quality and high power LEDs produce 600+ lumens at a 3000K color temperature.

3½” LED Recessed Retrofit Trims

Ideal for both remodel or new construction applications, our 3½” LED Retrofit trims are compatible with most 3½” recessed standard housings. The kit comes with a detachable screw-in base connector for easy installation into standard incandescent sockets.

3½” LED Recessed Housings

3½” LED Recessed Housings are designed for LED trims and modules and are adaptable for remodel and new construction applications. Durable galvanized steel construction contains one 11/8”, six 7/8” knockouts and four romex pryouts with strain relief.

4” & 6” LED Flat Retrofit Kits

Energy efficient LED Flat Retrofit kit provides quick and easy installation with no can required. Durable powder-coated die cast trim with enclosed J-box is attached with a water-tight connection. Pre-installed plastic clips for easy installation.

4” & 6″ IC LED Dedicated Cans

4” & 6"LED dedicated IC housing designed for new construction installations and suitable for use in ceilings where the housing can be in direct contact with the insulation. Air tight construction reduces energy costs.