Flow Linear LED Light

Modern design and elegant surface finish. Convenient installation and labor-saving. Appearance: Flowing curvy line presents nature beauty. Highly modular,without an screw on surface. Aluminum: Pure aluminum good heat dissipation. ETL certified.

Linkable Up & Down Light

This linkable up and down light illuminates both above and below the fixture. It is great in white spaces. Design unique layouts with the linkable feature to create any shape. This aluminum body, polycarbonate lens has dimming and emergency battery back up available.

Multi-Purpose LED Linear Fixture

This multi-purpose linear fixture is IP66 waterproof, dust, corrosion, and pressure proof. This environmentally friendly fixture has no mercury, no UV or IR. This wide beamed angle of 180 degree can be surface mounted or suspended.

Custom Linear Light

Perfect indoor custom linear light. Can be constructed into various shapes and designs with easy to install connectors. These linear lights come in various lengths and watts to best fit your lighting needs.

Seagull light

Indoor use perfect for counter, residential, or commerical. Color 2800- 6500K Available. 5 Year Warranty

LED Tri-Proof Light

Multi-functioning fixture with emergency and dimming available. These tri proof lights are waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosive. This sleek design comes in white, black, gold, and silver finishing.

LED Wrap Fixture

The traditional wrap fixtures are ideal for surface mounting. With a low profile design providing energy efficient lighting ideal for offices, conference rooms, and other commercial applications. Emergency Back-up Available.  

LED Sleek Linear Fixture

This brand new linear light has a minimalist modern style. DIY connects in various shapes. Through the various designs, it is easy to build up a unique space filled with light or shadows.